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PostSubject: POLICY.............   POLICY............. EmptyFri Jan 10, 2014 10:31 pm

[ reflective and subject to administrative review ]

The gaming world involves frustration-due to latency and differences in gear and perceptions.
An extension of 'real' life; one must obtain a set of absolutes- theories become hypothetical
lessons which reduce to these absolutes.

In general, a person who stands for nothing and contributes nothing is forced to put up with
anything. This will not do. We are Elite soldiers, gifted Talents, First Responders and survivors
of longstanding abuse from those we were born to trust.

The advancement of the squad; through advertising/ social media is acceptable. The constraint
and thwarting of external propaganda is rewarded. No man is an Island but this organization
is equal to that of any nation, movement or even a Galaxy. Thereby; A corporation does not
move us nor a blade of grass.

Private hosting of game severs, modding and mapping are preferable to the limits and expense
of externally licensed servers. The growing movement of oversized corporate game publishers
are criminally consigned to profit over the above amenities. This is the enemy.

Any individual found to be  a hacker or admitting such is subject to incarceration and definite
banning from God's world which is our world. There will be no reprieve.

POLICY............. HybackGG
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