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 Game Squad RUles

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PostSubject: Game Squad RUles   Fri Jan 10, 2014 10:21 pm

[ edits pending- founding/senior administrators subjection ]

1. it's a rule: we're here to have fun.

2. No criminal/ overt hacking cheating miscreant or mental deviant subterfuge. (dont be an asshole)

3. show a presence in servers and sites in all of our venues.

4. Esprit De Corps- teamwork-help your brothers and sisters-leave no one behind.

5. provide a viable email address to the organization and a phone number when possible.

6. You will not be a member of another squad while a member of this squad. PERIOD.

7. You will endeavor to grow in technical proficiency to the betterment of your gear and your squad.

8. Racism, Judgement without Proper Evidence and Experience is a terminal offense...ie: if you dont
   like brazillians give a reason...brazil is not a race though.

9. We are the BEST...any denial or failure to acknowledge this fact is tantamount to resignation to
   lessor existence.

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Game Squad RUles
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